The Republic of Palau will host the seventh Our Ocean Conference on 7 and 8 December 2020.

This marks the first time that the Our Ocean Conference will be hosted by a small island developing state. The focus of this year’s conference is Local to Global Action for Our Ocean, which will draw on Palau’s rich tradition as an ocean society and particular attention to islander perspectives and approaches to ensuring the health of our ocean for maximum protection and sustainable development.

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A Wave of Our Ocean Action

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Each panel discussion at Our Ocean 2020 will reflect the broader theme, with the express purpose of showing how local ocean actions and innovations drawn from diverse contexts can translate into raising the level of global ocean ambition.

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Our Ocean 2020 will continue the strong commitment to accountability that is a hallmark of the Our Ocean Conferences.
It will provide opportunities to report on progress made on previous commitments and take stock of actions yet to be completed. This accountability will provide momentum for the next phase of ocean action, including new commitments.

Building Generation Ocean

The ocean is deeply rooted in the cultures, identities, and histories of ocean people. But this connection to our ocean must be nurtured with each generation to ensure that we protect life in our ocean.
Our Ocean 2020 will highlight the contributions of youth to resetting humanity’s relationship with our ocean, and showcase youth-led entrepreneurial and innovative ideas for ocean action. The beginning of the UN Decade for Ocean Science in 2021 also promises to ensure that ocean action is guided by the best science.
As we learn even more about our ocean, we understand that we need to combine conservation with sustainable use, and that action today safeguards our ocean for tomorrow.

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