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Alii and welcome to Palau.

Surrounded by pristine waters and luscious greenery, Palau is a Pacific island nation comprised of over 200 volcanic and coral islands and filled with a diverse and abundant ecosystem.

Palau’s ocean conservation practices extend back thousands of years. The tradition of Bul is a moratorium declared by Palau’s traditional leaders that places an immediate halt to the over-consumption or destruction of a species, place or thing.

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Bul has inspired one of the World’s most ambitious ocean conservation initiatives to date.

This tradition is not only aimed at protecting Palau’s marine resources, but also at protecting the world’s tuna stocks – in the form of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary Act.

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Additional tourism opportunities

Additional tourism opportunities may be found at https://www.pristineparadisepalau.com

Palau is also the first country in the world to incorporate environmental protection into its immigration laws.

Visitors to the island are required to sign the Palau Pledge on arrival, which raises awareness of the small changes that tourists can do to help preserve the beauty of its natural environment for future generations.

To learn more about Palau, visit Pristine Paradise Palau

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Palau and COVID19

Information on the resumption of international flights and availability of hotel accommodation will be made available soon.

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