Advancing Marine Protected Areas for Communities, Ecosystems, and Climate

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are a tried and tested approach to conserve ocean biodiversity and ecosystems, improve long-term food security, and protect ocean-based livelihoods.

Despite this success, only 5% of the ocean is fully protected by MPAs, which led to a call for 30% ocean protection by 2030 at the CBD COP15 meeting. Protecting vast ocean seascapes by the development of Large Scale Marine Protected Areas (LSMPAs) is one of our best chances to achieve this conservation target.

Charlene Mersai, National Environment Coordinator and Secretariat for the National Environment Protection Council, highlights the unique benefits, challenges and opportunities that come with successful large scale ocean conservation. With a particular call towards the development of regional networks of LSMPAs to conserve global ocean biodiversity, facilitate climate resilience, maintain marine resources, and support livelihoods.



You can find more information about the Our Ocean six Areas of Action here.