Confronting the Ocean-Climate Crisis or Towards an Ocean Solution for Climate Change

Adverse impacts from climate change are a reality across the globe and the recent COP26 summit recognized that we are facing a global climate emergency. As we continue to track environmental change and its consequences, there is a growing need to realize and embrace opportunities for climate change resilience and adaptation. Our ocean is one of our best defense mechanisms against the impacts of climate change.

Mr Joe Aitaro, Palau side lead coordinator for the Humerica Areas on Climate Change, introduces one of the six Our Ocean panels which will feature climate change mitigation and adaptation success stories, as well as provide a platform to find and commit to the solutions we need for a climate change resilient future.

” How can we maximise our global efforts but at the same time reach the local level “ Joe Aitaro “We hope that even after this conference, we will be able to continue these dialogues whilst actually turn the discussions into real benefits to the local community and so in doing that develop a sustainable world.”



You can find more information about the Our Ocean six Areas of Action here.