Our Ocean Conferences

An Advisory Group for the Our Ocean Conferences
was established on 2 June 2020, with the aim to ensure greater continuity between conferences. The Advisory Group consists of past and confirmed future hosts, and special advisors invited by the advisory group, not to exceed three special advisors in total.

Within this group, the troika of current, outgoing and incoming hosts have a leading role in ensuring a smooth transition between conferences. The Advisory Group will be chaired by the current Our Ocean Conference host, which at the time of establishment is the Republic of Palau.

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Key functions of the Advisory Group

  • Soliciting, receiving expressions of interest and coordinating regarding future hosts
  • Decisions on conference frequency
  • Coordination with other international ocean initiatives
  • Assist host government in identifying opportunities for commitments
  • Guidance and handover from outgoing to incoming host based on recent practical experience with organizing OOC

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