#OurOcean #OurPeople: Voices of Palau

The 7th Our Ocean Conference seeks to put people at the heart of #OurOceanPalau to highlight the importance of the ocean to people at a critical time of ocean action opportunities and events in 2022 – the long-awaited ocean super year.

#OurOcean #OurPeople brings local ocean action to life to inspire global action and meaningful Our Ocean Commitments.

Next in the #OurOcean #OurPeople Blog series is a film by Palau Visitors Authority brought to you by the Our Ocean Conference Committee.



Palau is the first Small Island Developing State (SIDS) to host an Our Ocean Conference. The 7th Our Ocean Conference provides us with the opportunity to share our perspectives and our knowledge as Paluans. This is also a chance to learn from our partners and to facilitate immediate global action for Our Ocean, Our People, Our Prosperity.

“The ocean is our father and the land is our mother” Lawrence Sumor, Fisheries Technician, Bureau of Fisheries.

“The ocean is very important to me because ever since I was a child I’ve grown up next to the ocean. The way I see it, the ocean serves as a key resource for us Palauans.” Mali Ngirmidol, Youth Participant of Turtle Releasing and Clam Planting Activity.

“I grew up watching my father always fishing out at sea so I relied on fishing for the primary sustenance of my family and our livelihood. And as Palauans, I see that we are greatly dependent on our ocean hence, why it is crucial that we protect and preserve our ocean and also look at how we can lessen the number of marine debris that floats ashore.” Lazarus Meyar, Ranger, Kayangel State

“We need this world to know that we need this ocean as a small island country. We all need to work together for our future”. Sesario Sewralur, Grand Master Navigator

“It means food and sometimes fun because there’s fish, there’s a lot kind of food, you can swim, you can play ball at the ocean” Zoe Weider, 4th Grade, Kayangel Elementary School

“We must take care of our ocean because one day our ocean will take care of us”. Anya Abraham, 5th Grade, Angaur Elementary School

Video courtesy: Ryota Nishida, Xyrus Salii, Briana Takada
Voiceover: A.T.


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