Artificial Intelligence for Ocean Action

Host: Global Fishing Watch, Allen Institute for AI, and ATLAN Space
Location: Side Event Room 8 - Btaches 68

Our ocean remains the least observed part of our planet. Ocean States often have exclusive economic zones that are significantly larger than their land mass, making management all the more challenging. Information sharing can present opportunities for innovative approaches to the way oceans are monitored, vessel activity is tracked and movements are cross referenced. An interactive discussion will showcase the use of transparent data and innovative technologies to effectively manage critical ocean areas. ATLAN Space, Global Fishing Watch and Skylight will highlight opportunities where AI can have real impact and showcase innovations which can revolutionize the way our ocean is governed. They will provide examples of how AI is being used today and thoughts on future potential. Leading nations will share their perspectives, expertise and lessons learned on regional successes. The discussions will also encourage all invited governments to share information and collaborate, to ensure a healthy, resilient ocean.