Blue Foods: Crucial Component to a Climate-Resilient Blue Economy in Global Communities

Host: Government of Iceland and the Pacific Community
Location: Side Event Room 7 - Btaches 67

Billions of people rely on blue foods — fish, shellfish, and algae, captured or grown in freshwater or marine ecosystems — as sources of micronutrients and protein. They play a critical role in building healthy and resilient food systems, supporting livelihoods, and nourishing women and children, while offering solutions to public health, food security, and biodiversity conservation challenges. Here in the Pacific, the ocean is at the heart of food systems. Action must be taken to ensure healthy coastal and ocean ecosystems that produce blue foods here and globally. Building upon the Blue/Aquatic Food Action Coalition announced at the UN Food Systems Summit, this event will unite leaders and stakeholders to elevate blue foods into decision-making arenas for oceans, coastal and inland aquatic resources, and small-scale actors. Together, we can transform food systems to sustain growing populations in a changing climate and support a thriving blue economy and resilient communities.