Nature-based Solutions – Austronesian Perspectives

Host: Austronesian Forum
Location: Side Event Room 1 - Library

This side event highlights the importance of Indigenous people’s traditional knowledge and its application in confronting climate change challenges using Natural-based Solutions (NbS). The UNFCCC COP26 has also recognized NbS as a vital initiative for promoting climate-resilience as it prescribes that the most resilient and effective way to face climate change impacts is to sustainably manage the environment and restore the ecosystem. For example, the protected marine areas of Palau show the importance of traditional knowledge in framing how people perceive and treat their environment. For this side event, we have assembled a panel of distinguished speakers to discuss cross-generational Indigenous knowledge essential to adapting to changing environmental conditions and maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. They will be sharing their opinions and cross-generational perspectives on how to achieve an interactive balance between environment and natural resource management, ecosystem conservation, and development.