Ocean Acidification in the Pacific Islands: From Local to Global Scales

Host: Pacific Islands and Territories Ocean Acidification (PI-TOA) regional hub
Location: Side Event Room 11 - Dort Conference Room

Global ocean acidification (OA) results in local repercussions. The Pacific Islands region is susceptible to OA because communities’ livelihoods are tied to thriving coastal ecosystems. This side event highlights the multi-scale model implemented, with support from The Ocean Foundation and the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration, in the Pacific Islands region to tackle OA. A local, collaborative training center, the Pacific Islands Ocean Acidification Centre (PIOAC) supports local scientists to maintain equipment, manage data, and provide training to new researchers. The Pacific Islands and Territories Ocean Acidification network (PI-TOA) sustains and communicates OA findings in the region. The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON), together with GOA-ON’s UN Decade Program, Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability (OARS), supports PI-TOA to catalyze OA research and combat barriers to establishing monitoring efforts. In total, all of these organisations work in parallel, at different scales, to monitor, understand, and manage ocean acidification, while increasing awareness and building capacity.