The Clean, Resilient Maritime Sector of the Future: Turning Commitments into Action

Host: UN Foundation, UNFCCC Climate Champions, Global Maritime Forum, UN Global Compact
Location: Side Event Room 2 - Btaches 61

Shipping produces approximately three percent of global GHG emissions and moves 80% of the world’s goods. Transforming and decarbonizing this sector is critical to reaching the Paris Agreement targets and to building clean, resilient ports and coastal communities that support economic development and leave no one behind. We have a major opportunity to align mitigation, adaptation, just transition, and economic development and move the climate and ocean agendas forward. Achieving this requires working across public and private sectors and historically disconnected fora such as the UNFCCC and International Maritime Organization. This session will highlight how governments, NGOs, and the private sector are committing to decarbonize shipping and implement zero emissions projects such as “green corridors” while pushing to ensure this transition is equitable, and how these commitments translate into action on the water that can in turn catalyze greater change by proving the viability and benefits of zero-emissions shipping.