Dr. Manumatavai Tupou-Roosen


Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency

Dr Manumatavai Tupou-Roosen is the first woman to be appointed the Director-General of the Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency. She was appointed unanimously by the Fisheries Ministers at the conclusion of the 15th Forum Fisheries Committee Ministerial meeting in 2018. Dr Tupou-Roosen has researched and worked in fisheries for over 20 years, including over a decade as the FFA Legal Counsel.

She gained a Masters of Law in 1997 under a New Zealand scholarship, focusing on international fisheries and achieved First Class Honours. She was also awarded a PhD in Law in 2004 under a Commonwealth Scholarship, with a focus on international and regional fisheries compliance. Dr Tupou-Roosen is firmly committed to regional cooperation as the platform for FFA’s success.