Minister Anne Beathe Tvinnereim

Minister of International Development


Anne Beathe Tvinnereim (47) was appointed Minister of International Development on 14 October 2021. Ms Tvinnereim has two children.

Anne Beathe Tvinnereim is the deputy leader of the Centre Party. She has served as the County Councillor for Planning, Climate and Environment in the Viken County Council, State Secretary at the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, and Political Adviser at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. 
She has also previously worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norad and the think tank Agenda. 

The Minister of International Development is responsible for international development efforts in countries outside the OSCE, the Middle East, North Africa and Afghanistan. She is also responsible for development cooperation under the auspices of the UN system, the World Bank, the regional development banks and other global funds and programmes. In addition, she is responsible for Norad, Norec and Norfund. 
Ms Tvinnereim comes from Halden, Norway, and has a degree in political science.