Sheck Sherif


National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, Liberia

Sheck Sherif is a dedicated Fisheries and Maritime Professional with 10+ years of progressive experience. Sheck is a Ph.D. Candidate at Queen’s University Belfast with a background in marine resources management.

He has a profound knowledge of fisheries management and maritime governance in the West Africa Sub-region and Liberia. He has proven skills in strengthening maritime governance and designing and implementing fisheries monitoring, control, surveillance programs, and counter IUU measures. Sheck has good knowledge of development issues in the West African fishery sector and the World Bank West Africa Regional Fisheries Project support to the former Bureau of National Fisheries.

Sheck works across a wide range of governance, conservation, development, and management issues; he has been pivotal to the reform and revitalization of Liberia’s fisheries sector. In addition, Sheck is the Focal Person of the Abidjan Convention (UN Environment) in Liberia – and serves as an Advisor to the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Liberia on marine and coastal issues. 

Sheck is presently a Co-chair of the Ocean Acidification Africa (OA-Africa) Network and helped organize the Blue Ocean Conference in Liberia in 2019, highlighting OA-Africa’s work. In addition, Sheck is working with The Ocean Foundation, IAEA Ocean Acidification International Coordination Center, and Future Earth Coasts to promote OA awareness and research in Africa.