Swietenia Puspa Lestari

Executive Director

Divers Clean Action

A 27 years-old environmental engineer graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, co-founder and Executive Director of Divers Clean Action – a youth and community CSO with over thousands volunteers across Indonesia and the region of Southeast Asia. DCA is involved in marine and coastal conservation programs focusing on specifically marine debris research, campaigns, community development, and CSR/EPR facilitator to achieve circular economy goals in combating marine debris.

As the alumni of US Department of States’ YSEALI (Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative) and Social Marketing course from Australia Awards’ Griffith University, Tenia has worked with various international grants such as USAID, and BMZ to collaborate #ForTheSakeOfOcean. Tenia is listed among the Top 100 BBC Influential and Inspiring Women 2019, Forbes 30 Under Social Entrepreneur Asia 2020, One Young World Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award 2021, and World Economic Forum-Global Plastic Action Partnership’s Plastic Action Champions 2021.

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