The Honorable Minister Tzi-Chin Chang

Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan


Minister Chang Tzi-chin has led the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) Taiwan since 2019. 

Mr. Chang received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in environmental engineering from National Cheng Kung University and National Chiao Tung University, respectively. During his lengthy career in environmental protection, he has held positions at a number of agencies.  

Mr. Chang served as Commissioner of the Environmental Protection Department of the Taipei County Government (now New Taipei City) from 2000 to 2005. During his tenure, he relied on his environmental engineering background to settle disputes, improve the efficiency of environmental facilities and resolve solid waste pollution issues, thereby enhancing environmental safety and living standards in Taipei County.  

In 2005, he assumed the position of Deputy Commissioner of Taipei County (now New Taipei City), where he demonstrated his environmental management and governance abilities in cleaning up waste disposal sites along the banks of the Tamsui River, promoting artificial wetlands and establishing management guidelines for waste treatment and environmental licensing. 

In 2006, Mr. Chang was appointed Deputy Minister of the EPA. He endeavored to strengthen a variety of environmental regulations, including those concerning environmental inspection, waste management, air pollution and environmental monitoring. Mr. Chang demonstrated his managerial capabilities and utilized all available resources, ensuring that EPA personnel were prepared—even in the event of a natural disaster or contingency. 

Since assuming the office of Minister of the EPA on January 14, 2019, Mr. Chang has taken the initiative to draft climate change response regulations in order to meet Taiwan’s carbon neutrality objectives by 2050. His priorities include reducing pollutions and wastes, promoting green life styles, and striving to create a circular economy.