Tackling Marine Pollution

Many coastal environments globally have been transformed by marine pollution. In addition to plastic pollution, eutrophication is acute in most coastal systems across the globe and has led to habitat loss, production decreases and even ocean dead zones. The majority of pollutants that impact the ocean originate from land-based sources and the cumulative impacts from localized coastal pollution can be far-reaching. The most effective way in combatting ocean pollution and its effects is to stop the pollutant at the source.

Heather Ketebengang, Communications and Outreach Program Manager at the Palau Conservation Society, introduces Tackling Marine Pollution, one of the six Our Ocean panels will focus on opportunities and approaches to stop pollution at its source as well as highlight the need for effective local management of coastal catchments.

Tackling some of the threats like marine pollution ensures a brighter future for our ocean, our people and our prosperity.” Heather Ketebengang.