Commitment area: Confronting the Ocean-Climate Crisis

Submitting New Commitments

The conference organizers will prepare the provisional conference agenda based on commitments accepted until February 16, 2022. The organizers will consider commitment submissions after that time on a case-by-case basis.

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Updating Previous Commitments

Over the past six Our Ocean Conferences, participants have announced more than a thousand commitments worth more than $90 billion and protected more than five million square miles of ocean. Transparency is an essential element of the Our Ocean Conference. It is important to track progress of previous commitments to showcase impact and inspire future announcements.

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Should you have any further questions about the commitment submission and update process, please contact  [email protected].

Tracking Progress at Our Ocean Conferences

An essential part of the Our Ocean Conferences is tracking and updating the progress of past commitments made, and to share lessons learned from past successes and progress made. The OOC Map Viewer below provides a way of searching previously-made commitments.

A number of third-party analyses on the impact of previous commitments have also been carried out, such as:

  • Assessment of commitments on sustainable fisheries to the Our Ocean Conferences: where are we now?
    (Geir Huse and colleagues at Institute of Marine Research,
  • High-profile international commitments for ocean protection: Empty promises or meaningful progress?
    (Kirsten Grorud-Colvert and colleagues at Oregon State University, published in Marine Policy, 2019)

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