Sustainable Ocean Planning: A Route to a Healthy Ocean, Prosperous People and Thriving Economies

Host: Secretariat of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy
Location: Side Event Room 10 – Dort Assembly Hall

A healthy ocean can help to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges such as climate change. However today, ocean health is in decline with vast repercussions for ocean life and communities everywhere. In 2020, the Ocean Panel launched the Transformations, a new ocean action agenda for the decade outlining key actions towards a sustainable ocean economy and enhanced ocean governance, including the development of Sustainable Ocean Plans. Ocean Panel countries are advancing plans, adapted to national circumstances, to guide sustainable ocean management, safeguard ocean health, attract investment, and create jobs that benefit communities and the economy. Through this event Ocean Panel leaders will share perspectives on the importance of the Transformations and Sustainable Ocean Plans for helping countries to advance national priorities for a sustainable ocean economy and address shared challenges. Furthermore, it will highlight opportunities and support available for countries to accelerate this work.

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